Jenny Paterson

Jenny's mission in our team is to ensure that we are meeting our goals and delivering high-quality software solutions to our customers. To do this she focuses on our team of software developers and project managers because our business is our people. Jenny is charged with implementing the company's strategic plan, which is currently focusing on our internal product and scaling that to new heights.
14 Years

Jenny can go from rocks to projects without skipping a beat! With a degree in geology and a masters in environmental management, our very own nature enthusiast has an exciting mix of skills.

After spending several years in the mining industry as a water quality consultant, Jenny discovered a passion for technology that could not be ignored. While working on water quality reporting software, she fell in love with the “get it done” approach that mines have and the relentless push forward against any odds.
This led Jenny to the transport industry, where she spent six years managing software development programs for 24-hour systems. Her ability to work closely with end-users to design a system that truly met their needs is what set her projects apart and made them successful.

After a tough 2020 and a period of upskilling and teaching, Jenny joined Noldor as their first senior project manager. Within a year, she became the COO, leading a team of project managers to make our developer team’s lives more sustainable and remove their administrative burden.

Jenny finds her inspiration in her team and feels privileged to work with them every day. We are committed to making the world a better place for ourselves and for all those great people we surround ourselves with. So, whether it’s rocks, Agile, or just rocking Agile, Jenny is always up for the challenge!