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We are proud innovators in our industry, bolstered by an entrepreneurial culture that is never satisfied with the status quo – not for ourselves or our clients.
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Here you can see all the projects we have done. Big and small we do them all. From simple one page static sites to very complex property management sites, we have got you covered! Our portfolio shows a vast differentiation of projects that we have completed and handed over to happy clients over the years. We ensure nothing but the best for our clients and no matter what it is you have in mind, we are positive we can help you out and get you what you need development wise. All the work we have done is 100% done by Noldor and our awesome team that we have working really hard to make our clients as happy as we can with the skills we have to offer.

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A little more about our home base. Although we have clients in various industries, and we always will, we are focusing on solutions for communities and the property industry because that is where our passion, strength and experience lies. Although the company itself is young, the core members have been building community management software for 13 years.

Noldor’s solutions empower communities (housing estates, suburbs, apartment blocks, condos’ etc) to manage themselves in the easiest possible manner and to facilitate communication between all parties with the goal of efficiency and safety.