Diageo – Premium Player Programme

The challenge

The creation of a microsite designed to keep its users and employees in touch with the values, objectives and strategy of the organization itself. A site that offers short compliance modules, values, information and videos regarding the values that Diageo as a company abides and focuses on.

To create a site that is easy for Diageo employees to access and gain the knowledge that the site has to offer.

Service Offering

Custom Developed Platform

User-friendly HR platform for communicating company processes and compliance

Youtube Channel

Social platforms to enhance the site itself and some features like videography.


Exported reports detailing the completion of compliance modules and feedback for likes on videos

The solution

The development of a micro-site that is a user friendly, secure, HR platform that can be used for company communication and values within the company. The setup of a youtube channel which enhances the site itself and its features especially the videos Diageo has to offer.

The exportation of the reports that detail the completion of compliance modules, values etc.

Olivewood Lifestyle Residential Estate

The challenge

An upmarket estate of this calibre required a state-of-the-art, promotional online presence that would allow for marketing and communication with its target market.

We created an online presence for Olivewood Estate in multiple different ways. From creating and designing a website from scratch. To advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Service Offering

Website Design

Beautiful and user-friendly website design for residential estates.

Brochure creation

Elegant and well-designed brochure perfect for advertising.

Social Media

Starting up of social media platforms to get the business name out there.

The solution

Noldor created a fully functional static site which allows users to see any information about Olivewood estate itself and all the different variations of property designs and builds available.

We created easy navigability for users looking to gain access to all the specs and offers that that Olivewood properties has available. It’s a site specifically for people interested in owning and creating homes on the estate. Users can easily navigate through different property designs as well as receive an in-depth overview of their dream home that includes a gallery and a wealth of helpful information regarding the estate – from basic to very detailed.

It also allows for easy contact with owners of the estate when they need help or have any general enquiries.

WhoYou – Real-time Mobile Verification

The client

WhoYou uses cutting-edge, real-time biometric authentication to help its customers win the battle against fraud. Verifying clients against the South African National Population Register (NPR), maintained by the Department of Home Affairs, WhoYou matches ID numbers to fingerprints and returns the corresponding ID photos to its public and private sector customers, ensuring that people are who they say they are.

Service Offering


A full logo branding concept surrounding the specifics of a client

Website Design

Elegant and user-friendly website design for all client needs.

Brochure Creation

A great layout and well-designed brochure perfect for advertising.

The Challenge

A company at the forefront of technology innovation, WhoYou needed a strong brand identity. The company believes this is a key factor for success and recognises that effective branding helps to build the reputation of a business, make it stand out from the competition and project values that attract the ideal client. WhoYou also required a creative and professionally designed and developed website to showcase its expertise and provide potential customers with information that is easy to access and digest, and to build further brand awareness.

The solution

We created an easy to navigate, fully functional, information-driven website that allows for easy data retrieval regarding WhoYou as a business, and provides an attractive and clean online presence that is search engine optimised.

Whitfields Residential & Commercial Property Managing Agents

Service offering

Their Mission

Our mission is to teach, train, support and nurture all our staff, thereby helping each of them to realise their true potential, and in so doing provide our clients with the best possible service.

Their Commitment

Whitfields is committed to enhancing the lives of our youth in South Africa, through our support of Scripture Union and Heart Reach. We also support The South African Theological Seminary.

The challenge

They recognised that their focus needed to be on developing interactive websites, where scheme executives can communicate effectively with their owners, and owners can view their statements, lodge queries, amend personal details etc. These websites became a reality at the beginning of 2014 and today, every Whitfields managed complex enjoys their own interactive website.

The solution

Noldor Technologies supplies various software solutions to solve their challenge, ranging from Cloud Solutions using Google Firestore, Amazon AWS as well as various development languages. We created a software platform to service; administers, rental agents, home owners, and tenants with statements, lodging queries, amend personal details and store documents safely and securely. Our platform helps Whitfields services administers in excess of 400 complexes, comprising more than 24 000 units, both commercial and residential.

Amiti Solutions – Community Platform Software

The challenge

To deliver value to their clients by developing smart technology solutions and services for Communities that are effective, affordable and easy to use. They continue to direct and help the way in which communities are administrated. Amiti will shape the way in which Community Members interact and manage their schemes by making use of technology to make the administration of any schemes effective, affordable and efficient.

Service offering

Amiti Plex

Plex is Amiti's solution for self-managed community schemes that prefer to be in control of their own administration.

Amiti Sports

Amiti Sport let’s you manage your sports club administration and communication online with ease.

Amiti Serv

Coming Soon!
Collect and manage your service providers, from electricians, plumbers and maintenance suppliers.

The solution

Noldor Technologies built a secure mobile and desktop software platform using Google FireStore and Google’s Angular. This platform is used for various users to maintain their details, store documents, view statements, user a wide range of communication tools, from Text Messages, Email, Newsletters to in-line chat. All this functionality helps to create a strong well organised community. The Core of the Amiti platform is used across many sectors from self-managed community schemes and sports clubs or associations.

Why we used Angular, Angular is a powerful javascript framework, used for developing SinglePageApplication(SPA) projects in very clean and maintainable way. *(Single Page Application is a web application or website that interacts with the user by dynamically rewriting the current page rather than loading entire new pages from a server).