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December 15, 2018
On behalf of:
Blue Moon
Angular, Development

The challenge

The creation of a microsite designed to keep its users and employees in touch with the values, objectives and strategy of the organization itself. A site that offers short compliance modules, values, information and videos regarding the values that Diageo as a company abides and focuses on.

To create a site that is easy for Diageo employees to access and gain the knowledge that the site has to offer.

Service Offering

Custom Developed Platform

User-friendly HR platform for communicating company processes and compliance

Youtube Channel

Social platforms to enhance the site itself and some features like videography.


Exported reports detailing the completion of compliance modules and feedback for likes on videos

The solution

The development of a micro-site that is a user friendly, secure, HR platform that can be used for company communication and values within the company. The setup of a youtube channel which enhances the site itself and its features especially the videos Diageo has to offer.

The exportation of the reports that detail the completion of compliance modules, values etc.