Dan Krause

Daniel Krause

IT Director
Daniel ensures that our internal IT operations function efficiently and successfully by maintaining all of our systems and services. He's always looking for new technical ways to accomplish what we do better, and then incorporating these modifications into our tech stack. Crucially, Daniel keeps us secure by paying special attention to risk and cybersecurity.
16 Years
In the past, the head of IT oversaw hardware and information systems departments. Today, it’s a much different role. In a tech-focused, competitive business environment, Daniel Krause brings to the table an ability to create business value through technology, to strategically plan business growth objectives, and to ensure that Noldor’s tech systems and procedures lead to outcomes that support clients’ business goals.


A seasoned IT expert, he manages all the infrastructure for the business and its clients, from hardware to connectivity, and across a variety of different open source platforms.


Daniel has a Certificate in A+ CompTIA as well as a Diploma in Information Technology Networking from Varsity College. He also has an MCSE 2000 International qualification, and has completed a number of short courses in information technology, ensuring that he is equipped to deliver transformational solutions and navigate unchartered territories.


He began his career in 2002 as an IT assistant at Autotrader SA, where he soon moved into the position of IT administrator. In 2006 he joined Hetzner SA as a junior systems administrator, overseeing the management of the Johannesburg data centre, being responsible for building new servers, and managing onsite client installations.
In 2007, Daniel moved to digital customer communications specialist Striata SA, where he met and worked with the founders of Noldor. In the position of product specialist and Linux administrator, he demonstrated high-level technical knowledge, consulting to global teams on best practices for running a stable platform, and automating all building processes and daily installs on test servers.


Among his achievements, he created a virtual appliance to run the company’s entire platform, and implemented a virtual server environment. It was at Striata that he developed an ability to communicate clearly, manage difficult personalities, and stay calm under pressure and tight deadlines.


Daniel left Strata in 2015 to take on a new opportunity at RBA Homes, in the role of IT and systems manager. There, he managed and implemented all IT-related systems and processes. He successfully implemented a Sage virtual environment, streamlined the company’s IT support process from an Excel spreadsheet to a comprehensive helpdesk system, and succeeded in cutting costs significantly by switching to more effective and efficient systems.
He joined Noldor at the beginning of 2017, keen to work once more with co-founders Theunis de Klerk and Brett Labuschagne. His achievements thus far include the successful migration of Noldor’s static hosting environment to Google Firebase, one of the latest platforms for mobile or web apps managed by Google for scalable and real-time development. He has also implemented an Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted environment for the company’s self-managed complex platform, as well as a wireless solution for a multi-tenanted building.


Like his team mates, Daniel is an innovator who enjoys experimenting with the latest technology and gadgets. He is also seen as ‘the fixer’ by his colleagues, and has proven expertise in designing, deploying, and developing cloud applications on the AWS platform, and on Google Firebase, two of the most ground-breaking products available in the world of technology development today. He is able to scale solutions from 100 to 10 million users.


“I believe in honesty and letting people try, even if they fail,” he says. “That is the best way to learn in any environment, but especially if you are working with a young and energetic team. We strive to stay in tune with the hi-tech needs of our customers and to be a crucial part of digital transformation.”