Lekau Mamabolo

“Passionate about people, passionate about technology” is the perfect phrase, to sum up, who I am. My experiences have exposed me to working with people from different walks of life both as teammates and as clients. My success in these roles has built a passion for people to match that I have for technology and its endless possibilities to make life easier and humanity great.

Karabo Mampuru

Currently enthusiastic about automation, but technologies come and go, hence I’m always keen to learn new skills in this technological revolution. I feel excited and privileged to be able to actively participate in South Africa’s fourth industrial revolution as a software developer. The advancements in software development has brought us far in terms of globalization, data analysis, and recreation. I look forward to participating in the next big things in our advancement.

I believe in hard work, teamwork, communication, self-drive and consistent effort. These are some of the qualities I employ in my role as a project lead at WeThinkCode. The team is a body and every part has its own function.

I enjoy playing online chess and learning chess theory, I am currently fascinated by Grand Masters Mikhail Tal and Vasyl Ivanchuk. I think reading is like having conversations with some great minds who may otherwise not be accessible to you, for this reason, I like to dedicate time every now and then for books like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill or my personal favorite, The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason. One of my top takeaways from the book is something said by Arkad (the main protagonist): “I decided that if I was to achieve what I desired, time and study would be required”.

Duncan Corbett

I am Duncan Corbett, a software developer for over 7 years. when I’m not working I’m usually in the Gym or on PC games. on weekends I like to hangout with friends going to different places having new experiences. some other interests are content creation and video editing.

Adrian de Souza

Part hippie and part nerd, I enjoy little pieces of everything. In my spare time I can either be found at a music festival, camping in the bushes, or being a couch potato playing games on Nintendo Switch.

Catherine Bell

I am a highly motivated and passionate project manager. I have a versatile skill set developed through the development of innovative ideas, systems, process improvements, and product ownership, proven to bring efficiency and drive through solutions.

Apart from Project Management, I have a love for the outdoors including Mountain Biking and Swimming and I love nothing more than taking my 2 huskies and 1 malamute for walks and runs with her husband in the late afternoons.

I also have a creative outlet in baking biscuits/cookies. A favourite quote is “Tough Cookies Never Crumble” as well as “Cookies are Happy, because that is their job, they bring Happiness, to people we know and don’t know.” And that’s happiness for me.

Tim de Lange

Tim has over 26 years of experience in many kinds of software development and other IT fields. Focused on results, Tim loves secure, stable systems and happy users. Enjoys nature, coffee, puns, and bad jokes.

Alex Coetzee

Alex is one of Noldors developers who is obsessed with learning new things (and that not exclusive to tech). He loves puzzles, games and drinking coffee!