WhoYou – Real-time Mobile Verification

The client

WhoYou uses cutting-edge, real-time biometric authentication to help its customers win the battle against fraud. Verifying clients against the South African National Population Register (NPR), maintained by the Department of Home Affairs, WhoYou matches ID numbers to fingerprints and returns the corresponding ID photos to its public and private sector customers, ensuring that people are who they say they are.

Service Offering


A full logo branding concept surrounding the specifics of a client

Website Design

Elegant and user-friendly website design for all client needs.

Brochure Creation

A great layout and well-designed brochure perfect for advertising.

The Challenge

A company at the forefront of technology innovation, WhoYou needed a strong brand identity. The company believes this is a key factor for success and recognises that effective branding helps to build the reputation of a business, make it stand out from the competition and project values that attract the ideal client. WhoYou also required a creative and professionally designed and developed website to showcase its expertise and provide potential customers with information that is easy to access and digest, and to build further brand awareness.

The solution

We created an easy to navigate, fully functional, information-driven website that allows for easy data retrieval regarding WhoYou as a business, and provides an attractive and clean online presence that is search engine optimised.