Brett Labuschagne

Brett Labuschagne

Developing web and mobile technology solutions since 2002. A passion to innovate and strive for success.
15 Years
Business Profile:
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Joined Noldor in 2014 as chief technology officer and software development team leader.


Against the backdrop of a rapidly changing software development landscape, Brett has experience in working with multiple programming languages and as the senior lead across a range of projects.


Brett holds a National Diploma in Information Technology and a BTech (Hons), both from the University of Johannesburg.


His IT career began when he joined IBM in 2002 as a database administrator and web developer. A year later he was offered the opportunity to join Experient as a developer and library manager. There he grew his skills as a PHP developer. When the company changed focus and went into data analysis, his role changed to that of data handler, converting raw data into a readable format for cubes in the MSSQL environment. He gained expertise on the Microsoft, Apache and Linux platforms, and across many different programming languages.


He left the company in 2005 when it shut down, and joined digital customer communications specialist Striata, where he held the positions of font-end application developer, integration team lead, custom developer and technical team leader of production. Over a period of five years, he trained junior team members, developed custom projects, handled new projects built on the technology required by clients, set up standards for front-end use of applications, and maintained systems and platforms.


He left Striata in 2010 to take on a new challenge at mCubed. In his role as a developer, he focused on internal platform development, improving paperless systems, and the company’s financial intranet.


When a new opportunity arose at Striata he returned to the company as a senior front-end developer responsible for developing and maintaining the Striata platform.


Brett is a highly skilled and experienced customer software developer with a keen interest in upskilling young developers and improving his team’s skills. Committed to mentoring his young team, he believes people rise by lifting others and he is always available to provide valuable guidance for the next generation of developers. He also believes that software design and development starts with customer needs, and he fosters new ideas which deliver the most value for customers in support of their business model.


Brett says software developers have an entrepreneurial spirit. Like entrepreneurs, they share the passion and ability to make things that are of value to others. He and his team care deeply about the problem they are fixing, and not the solution they are providing. Among the projects he is most proud of is the property management software platform Noldor has developed for Whitfields Property Management, a specialist residential and commercial property management agency. The technology has enabled the company to become a leader in its industry.


Like Noldor co-founder Theunis de Klerk, Brett has proved to be a start-up entrepreneur who has the necessary technical skills to develop software capable of delivering Noldor’s vision, and he excels in both back-end data base type development, and front-end web development.


“It’s critically important to keep up to date as a web and software developer and to hone real-world skills,” says Brett. “Noldor is a place where we gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world. We treat young developers as adults from day one, giving them the opportunity to use their initiative and develop their acumen. We have a network of geeks and we communicate and work closely together to keep up to speed with the latest in tech. Our rule is to use new technology and new platforms for every project we take on. On top of that, we are all keen gamers so we make good coders because we are constantly posed with an obstacle that must be overcome with a strategy.”